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So, here is the question- how to choose the best photographer for your event- a Kids Birthday Party, a Christening or an Engagement Party? And why would you need one in the first place?

Well, it’s no surprise that party photographers are very much in-demand in Sydney these days!


Here are just a few reasons why hiring an event photographer is a good idea for your party:

– Being a party host you have very little chance of taking nice shots – just because you will be busy enough with other things like entertaining the guests and just having fun!

– Most likely you don’t have all the needed equipment (unless you are a photographer of course!). But even if you are a photographer yourself, the constant thinking of taking the photos will just take the fun out.- Party decorations, costumes, details, candy bar and a cake – these thing are should be photographed!

– And don’t forget about emotions! There are such a lot of emotional moments in every party! And every moment deserves to be not only in our memory, but on a picture too.


Here are some ideas on how to choose the right party photographer:

– Choose someone who’s work you admire and who has relevant experience (engagement shoots, wedding parties, christenings, children’s birthday parties).

– Choose someone local. It’s always a good thing to support local businesses, and it’s easier from the logistical point of view- when your order is ready you won’t have to travel to the other side of Sydney.

– Don’t be fooled by cheap prices!¬†They say “The pain of poor quality lasts long after the joy of a cheap price” and I can’t agree more with it!

– Make sure you read and sign the contract before you go for a certain photographer. Such things as hourly rate, timing and agreed products should be in the contract.

And the last but not the least- we always recommend completing every party with a stunning photo album. A photo album or photo book will make any party complete and absolutely unforgettable!