F45 Forestville/Killarney Heights | Something a bit different

So, I haven’t posted for a while… This year has been crazy busy starting with a trip back home in January (we went to visit family in Russia where it was -38C for over a week), then some renovation projects, change of jobs, trip to the Snowy Mountains… and before I knew it it was December the year was nearly over.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start training- but it was really hard to find time or motivation. And then I joined Beam and a few people from work went to F45, which was conveniently located in Forestville (like 5 minutes from home). I’ve been training for over 3 months now and even though I don’t go everyday, I try to go at least 3-4 days a week which is a huge step up for me from zero exercise.

When Danielle asked in the members group for photographers recommendation, I didn’t think twice. I’ve never done gym photography before, but I love challenges – and there were quite a few with poor lighting and people moving very fast. Here are some of the photos I took- I still can’t decide if I like colour or b&w more- what do you reckon?

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